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The Real Danger in a Quiet Escalation of Tensions Between China and India

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Fabio Capello says Wales star Gareth Bale has lost focus at Real Madrid

Former England and Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello thinks Gareth Bale has become ‘distracted’ in Spain amid rumours linking him with a return to England.

Bale has been at the Bernabeu since 2013 yet has often received a rough ride from supporters despite helping the club with four Champions League titles and a La Liga during his time in the Spanish capital.

Some have questioned his commitment to Madrid, and he attracted criticism while on international duty for posing with a flag that read “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail , Capello- who had two separate spells as Madrid manager- said he was not convinced Bale still enjoys football as much as he once did.

Gareth Bale has experienced a mixed time at Real Madrid

“Bale is a potentially fantastic player,” Capello said. “My impression that football is no longer a priority in life. Bale seems to be a distracted player- I like him a lot, he’s strong and fast, perfect for modern football.

“If you want to be a champion today, though, you have to be 100 percent attentive and focused only on your sporting life.”

Some Madrid fans have blamed Bale for their side’s poor performances in recent years, but Capello believes the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has been the key factor in their decline.

“Cristiano is fundamental for every team (he plays in),” Capello continued.

Madrid fans were furious when Bale posed with a flag appearing to mock the club on international duty

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” Real Madrid suffered from his farewell and while (Karim) Benzema took his place, they lost a mental and technical leader.”

There is speculation that Bale could rejoin his former club Tottenham , with their manager Jose Mourinho said to be keen to link up with the player.

Madrid are currently level on points with bitter rivals Barcelona at the top of La Liga, although they are in second place on goal difference. They next face a Supercopa semi-final against Valencia on Wednesday.

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Jeff Davis High School band leader’s real story

Lee High School lead drum major Justin Heideman leads the band during a performance at the annual Magic City Classic parade in downtown Birmingham on October 26.

MONTGOMERY, ALA. – It’s dusk and just outside the windows of Room 107 at Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Alabama, the final remnants of the band are leaving practice the same way they came: blaring and filling the now chilled crisp of the December air with the powerful and royal tones of brass.

Justin Heideman, better known as “Vanilla Funk” or “that boy John,” shifts his position in his chair and postures up from a slouch, clutching the ever so familiar mace drum majors wield. There is a calm intensity that covers him as if he is still in front of his band – as if he’s still in control.

That’s because he is.

Justin Heideman, a drum major who went viral recently, leads his Jeff Davis band to the shouts of many adoring fans.

Heideman raises his hand, as if to say, “Hold on one second,” reaches for his iPhone and dials the number of his band director Brandon Howard.

“Can you tell the guys outside to be quiet? They are interrupting what’s going on in here.”    

He hangs up, slouches back, tilts his head toward the tiled ceiling and takes a breath before moving his fingers through his hair against the grain. Now, back in his position of comfort, Heideman focuses in; it’s time for another interview. 

This is his life now, but he hasn’t changed a bit, despite the few who misunderstand who he is and what it took for him to be in the position he is in now.     

This isn’t a game for Heideman. It never has been. 

Music is his passion, and before he went viral in October, a white boy leading an all-black band, Heideman carried out his job as head drum major the same way he does now: with discipline, fervor, an intense desire to learn at all costs and a dedication to uphold the legacy of Jeff Davis drum majors who came before him.

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