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Prince William Jokes About Spreading Coronavirus During Royal Engagement

Prince William cracked what some critics considered to be an insensitive joke about the deadly coronavirus outbreak during a royal engagement in Dublin on Tuesday.

“I bet everyone’s like ‘I’ve got coronavirus, I’m dying’, and you’re like, ‘No, you’ve just got a cough,’” the Duke of Cambridge was caught on camera telling first responder Joe Mooney at a reception at the Guinness Storehouse.

William also asked Mooney if he thought the crisis that has killed more than 3,000 people worldwide ― nine of them in the U.S. ― was being “a little bit hyped up” by the media.

In separate footage, William was seen saying: “By the way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spreading coronavirus, Sorry. We’re keeping an eye on that, so do tell us if we need to stop.”

The context of those apparently joking comments is not entirely clear.

Check out the full video above.

William’s overall tone drew scorn from some people on Twitter, who accused him of being “out of touch” and “insensitive.”

A royal source told London’s Evening Standard newspaper that William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, were being briefed about the virus threat posed by their public schedules and it was currently “business as usual” for the couple. They shook hands with people on the first day of their three-day tour of the Emerald Isle.

Queen Elizabeth II, meanwhile, on Tuesday took the rare step of wearing gloves to hand out honors at Buckingham Palace, reported Yahoo News UK, although sources would not confirm whether it was prompted by the outbreak.


Queen Elizabeth II wore gloves as she awarded honors during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday.

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Prince Harry and Meghan would have to apply for Canadian citizenship like everyone else

Following a meeting Monday with Queen Elizabeth II, it’s clear that Prince Harry and Meghan are coming to Canada for “a period of transition.”

What’s not clear is whether the couple intend to continue to divide their time between the two countries after everything has been arranged; whether they will eventually settle permanently in Canada; or, whether they have their sights set on another country, perhaps the United States, where Meghan is reportedly still a citizen. If they did choose to make Canada their permanent, primary home, would they get any special treatment in regards to Canada’s immigration system?

As the grandson of Canada’s monarch and sixth in line to the throne, one might expect Prince Harry to have some special status in this country. But the Duke of Sussex enjoys no such privilege, nor do any of the Queen’s descendants. Even the Queen does not hold Canadian citizenship, although she could reside in Canada for as long as she wants.

“She has a different kind of status but it’s not citizenship. It’s a state authority,” said Carleton University Professor Philippe Lagassé, an expert on the Westminster system. “She’s the personification of the state, so she doesn’t need a passport to enter. She would have all legal rights because everything done by governance is done in her name.”

This special status, however, only applies to the Queen because Canadian law only recognizes the ruling British monarch.

“It’s a very simple rule — whoever’s their monarch is our monarch,” Lagassé said. “We don’t have any provisions in our law for Royals having particular privileges or status. We don’t even have laws that recognize Royals as being Canadian Royals.”

Canada will not automatically grant the royal couple citizenship, and would need to apply to become permanent residents through the normal immigration process, Mathieu Genest, a spokesperson for the immigration minister, told the CBC in a statement. The minister’s office did not respond to the National Post’s request for comment before deadline.

That means Prince Harry will be entering Canada as any other British citizen would, and all British citizens can stay in Canada for up to six months without a visa. It’s the same for U.S. citizens. So Harry and Meghan’s short-term plan could simply be to travel back and forth between Canada and the U.K. at least twice a year — although that would put Meghan’s application for British citizenship at risk.

If the couple wants Canada to be their economic base, visitor visas won’t help them with their long-term goal of becoming financially independent as neither of them would be permitted to work in the country, said Harjit Grewal, an immigration consultant with Sterling Immigration who works in Vancouver and London.

However, it’s entirely possible that Meghan is already a permanent resident in Canada, Grewal said. While she was filming the TV show Suits, Meghan lived in Toronto for nine months of the year for seven years, until she moved to the U.K. to live with Harry in November 2017.

If, during that time, she got a self-employed visa, aimed at people who work in cultural activities or athletics, then she would have been granted permanent residency. That would mean that Meghan is still eligible to live and work — in any field — in Canada, and that she could sponsor Harry and their son Archie.

The couple could also qualify for a business visa, if they chose to invest some of their vast wealth in Canada, Grewal said. He also pointed out that, if Meghan and Harry successfully monetize the Sussex brand, Canada could be eager to fast-track their applications and welcome them as taxpaying citizens.

We don’t have any provisions in our law for Royals having particular privileges or status

Another option is the federal skilled worker (express entry) program, but the couple might not fare too well under that points-based system since Prince Harry doesn’t have a university degree and they are both over 30, Grewal said. Prince Harry is 35 and Meghan is 38.

While the couple have no legal status, in the eyes of many Canadians, there is a cultural connection to the country as members of the Royal family, Lagassé said, but that doesn’t change the law.

“To what extent do you bend the law to accommodate people of fairly significant means?” Lagassé said. “It becomes a political question, not a legal one at that point.”


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Home for the holidays: Prince Philip leaves hospital

Prince Philip has been discharged from a London hospital and joined his wife Queen Elizabeth II for Christmas at her rural retreat

Prince Philip was discharged from a London hospital Tuesday and immediately taken by helicopter to join other senior royals at Queen Elizabeth II’s rural retreat in time for a traditional family Christmas.

His arrival is a bit of welcome good news for the queen at the end of a year that she admits has been “bumpy.” Her comments are thought to relate not just to Britain’s difficult path toward Brexit but also setbacks experienced by the royal family in 2019.

Buckingham Palace did not reveal details about Philips medical treatment and said that he wished to thank everyone who had sent good wishes during his four-night stay at the private King Edward VII hospital in London.

The palace had previously said that the 98-year-old prince was being hospitalized for planned treatment of a pre-existing condition. The fact that he did not go to the hospital by ambulance and that the queen did not change her plans to be by his side suggested it was not an emergency situation.

Philip, a man of great pride, walked out of the hospital on his own Tuesday morning even though many patients of that age use wheelchairs when they are discharged. The prince left the hospital on foot and entered a vehicle unaided. He was dressed elegantly with his tie in a Windsor knot and waved to a nurse as he departed the hospital.

The palace said he had been hospitalized as a “precautionary measure.” Officials did not explain the nature of his treatment, which appeared to have been timed to allow him to receive the care he needed and return to the family in time for Christmas.

He has suffered from heart disease and other ailments including a bladder infection in recent years and has largely stepped out of the public eye since he announced his retirement from royal duties in 2017.

The Palace said at the time the decision was not health-related and was simply a reflection of his advanced years. “I’ve done my bit,” Philip told friends when he stepped down after decades of royal events, often carried out silently one step behind the queen.

On Monday, Prince Charles said his father was faring well but was suffering from age-related problems.

“When you get to that age, things don’t work so well,” he said.

Philip arrived at Sandringham in time for Christmas Eve, when the royals usually exchange small gifts.

It is not known if Philip will be strong enough to attend a Christmas morning church service traditionally attended by the queen and other senior royals. He did not attend last year.

The small church service near the queen’s palatial home usually draws well-wishers hoping to get a glimpse of Elizabeth and her family and perhaps to exchange Christmas wishes with the royals.

Church is usually followed by a family lunch at Sandringham and then the broadcast of the queen’s message to Britain and the Commonwealth countries. Excerpts released ahead of time reveal the queen plans to admit it has been a challenging year. It was recorded before Philip was hospitalized.

Talking about the need for reconciliation and forgiveness, Elizabeth says: “The path, of course, is not always smooth, and may at times this year have felt quite bumpy, but small steps can make a world of difference.”

She is thought to be referring both to Britain’s laborious exit from the European Union, which is now almost certainly going to happen on Jan. 31 after voters gave the pro-Brexit Conservative Party a comfortable majority in Parliament, and to the royal family’s difficulties.

The problems facing the queen’s family this year included Prince Andrew’s retreat from public duties following a disastrous TV interview in which he defended his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and failed to show empathy for Epstein’s young female victims.

The family has also endured what many close observers think is a rift between Prince William and Prince Harry, who has traveled with his wife Meghan and young son Archie to Canada rather than spend the Christmas holidays at Sandringham, as has long been customary for senior royals.

Both Harry and Meghan have complained about constant scrutiny by the media as they settle into family life with 7-month-old Archie.

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Prince Andrew’s Accuser Takes Her Case to the BBC

LONDON — Virginia Roberts Giuffre recalled a whirlwind trip to London with her employer, the financier Jeffrey Epstein, when she was 17. It began at a townhouse where Prince Andrew was talking about his ex-wife, the Duchess of York. It moved on to a club, where she said she and the prince danced, and he sweated profusely. And it ended when, she said, she was ordered to have sex with him.

“It was disgusting,” Ms. Giuffre said in an interview broadcast Monday by the BBC. “I sat there in bed and felt horrified and ashamed.”

“I had just been abused by a member of the royal family,” she continued. “These powerful people were my chains.”

Ms. Giuffre’s account of the trip in 2001, and of two other incidents when she said she had sex with Prince Andrew at Mr. Epstein’s homes in New York and in the Caribbean, was the first time she described her story for a British audience.

Ms. Giuffre acknowledged that the passage of time may have fogged her memory about the dates or places of certain events. But she said she had a vivid memory of dancing with Prince Andrew. “He is the most hideous dancer I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said. “His sweat was like, ‘it’s raining everywhere.’”

The reaction to Prince Andrew’s remarks was swift and overwhelmingly negative. Several charities with which he was associated distanced himself from him, he was urged to testify under oath to the F.B.I. and his brother, Prince Charles, urged the queen to strip him of his public duties, which she did.

For the royal family, it was the worst public relations debacle since the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana in a car crash — stirring questions about the aging queen’s control over her family and drawing calls from the British news media for Prince Charles to take a more central role at Buckingham Palace.

For Ms. Giuffre, who described a history of abuse dating back to her childhood, the alleged encounters with Prince Andrew left her, she said, even more sickened than those with Mr. Epstein, whom she described as “having a sickness that could not be cured,” or with his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of procuring teenage girls for him, and who Ms. Giuffre described as vicious.

“This is not some sordid sex story; this a story of being trafficked,” she said. “This is a story of your guys’ royalty.”

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Disgraced Prince Andrew retains Canadian military roles

Prince Andrew, the much-disgraced Duke of York, stepped away from public life late last month in the aftermath of a disastrous interview on the BBC. In the weeks since, organizations around the world, including the prince’s old Canadian private school, have raced to cut ties with the bungling royal. His own mother reportedly cancelled his 60th birthday party.

But the Queen’s middle son hasn’t yet lost all his official appointments. Despite his close ties to a notorious sex criminal and his own ham-fisted PR efforts, Prince Andrew remains the titular head of three Canadian military regiments, the Department of National Defence (DND) confirms.

“As is the custom, the Duke of York holds the honorary title of Colonel-in-Chief of The Princess Louise Fusiliers, The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada and the Queen’s York Rangers,” Jessica Lamirande, a DND spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

It took a full week of questions from the National Post for the DND to confirm even that much about the scandal-plagued prince. The department refused to answer any follow up questions on the record. Todd Lane, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s press secretary, meanwhile, said the minister wouldn’t comment at all beyond the department’s statement.

A government source, however, speaking on background, said Prince Andrew’s announcement that he was stepping away from public duties put the Canadian military into an unprecedented and somewhat baffling situation. No one within the department knew at first what it meant for Prince Andrew’s role within the Canadian Armed Forces. His statement, broad and vague, did not address his military roles, in Great Britain and across the Commonwealth, at all.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, presents The Duke Edinburgh’s Gold Award to recipients during a ceremony at the Government House Saturday May 18, 2013 in Victoria.

Chad Hipolito /


“This has never happened before,” the source said.

A statement Sunday from a royal spokesperson did little to clarify the situation: “The Duke of York has stepped back for the time being and will not be undertaking any public duties on behalf of his Patronages or associations.”

The title of Colonel-in-Chief isn’t merely symbolic. It can’t be wiped off a web page and forgotten. In fact, it’s not clear the Canadian government could rescind Prince Andrew’s appointments at all, even if it wanted to.

“The position of Colonel-in Chief is a symbol of a direct relationship between the Sovereign and the members of that regiment,” said Richard Berthelsen, an expert on the Crown and Canada. “It’s not like a patronage. It has a much deeper meaning. It is something that is official and is recognized in the Canadian Forces as having significant importance to history and heritage of that unit.”

Commonwealth regiments can only be granted a royal colonel-in-chief by the Queen herself. Most appointed serve in that capacity until they die. The Queen Mother was Colonel-in-Chief of the Toronto Scottish Regiment for 64 years, until her death in 2002.

On rare occasions, elderly royals have asked to be relieved of their appointments as part of a larger retirement from public life. Diana, the late Princess of Wales, voluntarily gave up all of her military appointments when she left the Royal Family. But Garry Toffoli, the executive director of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, doesn’t think anyone has been forcibly stripped of such an appointment since the outbreak of the First World War when foreign royals, including Kaiser Wilhelm II, had their British military titles revoked.

The Canadian government source said the department does not expect Prince Andrew to carry out any of his ceremonial duties in Canada while he remains in the royal penalty box. (During the past 20 years, he has presided over more than a dozen events linked to his positions as colonel-in-chief.) Should the Canadian military decide at some point that it wants to formally end its relationship with the prince, Toffoli believes the process would likely take place through back channels, from the Prime Minister to the Governor General or directly to the Queen itself. “It’s never happened that I’m aware of,” he said. But “there’s nothing stopping a prime minister from a making a recommendation, a very strong recommendation, I suppose.”

Even then, Toffoli believes it highly unlikely that Prince Andrew would be stripped of his titles. “Somebody would approach Andrew and ask him to voluntarily give up the appointment,” he said. “I don’t know that we’re at that state at this point,” he added. “We never get to that point.”

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Fergie’s pals want Prince Andrew’s sex accuser ‘put on the grill’

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s pals want to see the woman accusing Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting her crucified on TV.

Virginia Roberts should be “put on the grill” by BBC’s famed Panorama current affairs program when she is interviewed, friends say, according to The Telegraph.

Roberts was just 15 when she says she was lured into the orbit of sinister serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was a close friend of Prince Andrew.

She claims she had underage sex three times with Andrew when she was 17. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has reportedly been put on ice over the Epstein affair. (David Mirzoeff/ Pool via REUTERS/File Photo)

But in the court of public opinion, the Duke of York, 59, has come off as entitled and obtuse, and was cold and remorseless during a disastrous BBC interview.

In the wake of the train-wreck appearance, Queen Elizabeth effectively fired Andrew from his public duties.

Now, Roberts is slated to appear in an episode of Panorama airing Monday. Fergie’s friends are having none of it.

“She (Roberts) should be properly cross-examined on all the evidence that doesn’t stack up,” a friend of the Duchess of York told the Daily Telegraph.

“She should be put on the rack. The BBC cannot drill him as they did and just believe her when there are lots of inconsistencies.”

From left, Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell believes the photo is doctored.

One niggling point that Andrew’s toff supporters have pointed to is the infamous photo where he has his arm draped around Roberts while Ghislaine Maxwell beams on.

Fergie’s friends are demanding Roberts reveals how much she was paid for the photo. Some of the duke’s friends have suggested it has been doctored.

Virginia Roberts insists photos of her and Prince Andrew were not doctored. 60 MINUTES AUSTRALIA

Fergie reportedly wants to put the Roberts-Epstein affair behind the family ahead of Beatrice’s wedding next year.

There has been some discrepancy over whose brainstorm it was to put the prince in front of the cameras.

Initial reports said it was Fergie and their eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, who pushed Andrew into the interview. But it has also been reported that the pair tried to stop the disaster.

At a recent soiree, Beatrice was said to be sobbing over the implosion of her father’s reputation.

“Beatrice was sombre and makeup-free for the birthday dinner,” a friend told the Daily Mail.

“She was probably worried that her mascara would run. She seemed quite tearful at times. In fact, Beatrice has been in tears every day since the interview went out.”

The prince has denied any wrongdoing but in the BBC chat, admitted he “let the side down” by visiting Epstein in New York after he was released from jail for child sex offences.

Authorities say Epstein, 66, killed himself in a Manhattan jail cell in August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

[email protected]


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Royal Family news: Prince William reveals true feelings about uncle Prince Andrew | Royal | News

According to the MailOnline, Prince William has spoken about his unhappiness toward his uncle, a royal source has revealed. The Duke of Cambridge is said to have made the call that Prince Andrew was removed from public life, something that was “the right thing to do,” a source told The Sunday Times. It comes as pressure mounts on Prince Andrew over his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A source said: “William is becoming more and more involved in decisions about the institution [monarchy] and he’s not a huge fan of his uncle Andrew.”

Prince Andrew released an official statement announcing his withdrawal from royal duty last Wednesday.

The statement read: “It has become clear to me over the last few days that the circumstances relating to my former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organisations and charities that I am proud to support.

“Therefore, I have asked Her Majesty if I may step back from public duties for the foreseeable future, and she has given her permission.

“I continue to unequivocally regret my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein.

“His suicide has left many unanswered questions, particularly for his victims, and I deeply sympathise with everyone who has been affected and wants some form of closure.”

The news comes after Prince William and wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, sent Twitter into meltdown as they posted a heartbreaking update about their Royal Family duties.

The couple spent time at the Tusk Awards before explaining how the event had impacted on their lives.

JUST IN: Kate and William send Twitter into meltdown with heartbreaking update

“My generation and those following are acutely aware that we cannot simply carry on as we are.

“We have to move faster and more effectively to find ways to balance our demands on this planet with the nature we share it with.”

Twitter fans were quick to react and share their affection for the Duke and Duchess’ support.

One wrote: “Thank you Your Highness for sharing the #TuskAwards nominees.

“It is both informative and interesting and I believe this helps us come together in the understanding of our world.

“My very best wishes to both you and the Duchess Catherine.”

A second said: “Continue doing amazing things prince William and Duchess Catherine.

“I love you guys.”

A third simply wrote: “Thank you for all that you do.”

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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew Spotted On Outing Together

Queen Elizabeth joined her son Prince Andrew for a horseback riding outing on Friday, just two days after Andrew announced that he will “step back from public duties for the foreseeable future.” 

The royal released the statement on Wednesday, his first public remarks since his disastrous attempt to distance himself from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein backfired in a BBC “Newsnight” interview, which aired over the weekend. 


Prince Andrew (second from left) rides a horse on the grounds of Windsor Castle, alongside the queen on Friday.

In the statement, the prince expressed sympathy for the victims of the late financier, something he failed to do during his BBC interview. He also stated that he would be “willing” to work with law enforcement. The prince is accused of raping a minor who was allegedly trafficked by Epstein. Andrew has continued to deny all allegations.    

“Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required,” the Duke of York said. 

Lisa Bloom, a U.S.-based attorney who is representing five Epstein victims for months, wrote on Twitter Wednesday that the royal and his staff “must cooperate with all investigations, show up for civil depositions and trials, and produce all documents.”


The Duke of York leaves after speaking at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Bangkok on Nov. 3.

Gloria Allred, a women’s rights attorney who is also representing Epstein victims and happens to be Bloom’s mother, agreed, calling on the duke to cooperate during a press conference Monday.

“These are somebody’s children. These are kids. [Prince Andrew] has two daughters. Would he want anyone else to close their eyes if his daughters are there and it seems inappropriate?” Allred said. 

“Only he can answer these questions,” she continued. “Let him state what he knows to law enforcement. It’s the honorable and right thing to do. I think it’s his duty to do it.” 

If you have tips or comments regarding Prince Andrew, email [email protected]

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