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Maryland police say person lured seagulls with popcorn to kill them

Police in Maryland are looking for a person they say lured a group of birds into a parking lot just to run them over.

A suspect purchased a bag of popcorn Saturday morning at a Dollar Tree store near Baltimore, according the Laurel Police Department. The department says the suspect emptied the bag of popcorn to lure a group of seagulls, then ran over the birds. 

“Upon arrival, officers observed a group of deceased seagulls all in extremely close proximity to one another,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post.  

The suspect killed 10 seagulls and then fled the scene, according to the department. Police believe the incident took place between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Felony animal cruelty charge:A Florida woman drowned her dog in the bathtub for barking too much, police say.

One seagull was recovered from the scene and taken to a local sanctuary, Cpl. Laura Wilson told USA TODAY on Sunday. She said the bird had a compound fracture and didn’t survive the night.

Wilson added that Laurel police are asking for witnesses to come forward — there weren’t cameras in the area of the incident. Police need to find and speak with the suspect before determining charges, but Maryland has felony and misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty, Wilson said. 

Laurel is about 20 miles outside of Baltimore. 

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Hong Kong Protesters Clash With Police as Lam Visits Beijing

(Bloomberg) — Hong Kong’s demonstrators clashed with police late Sunday as Chief Executive Carrie Lam visited Beijing where she’s expected to update Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior officials on the violent protests that have gripped the city for the past six months.

Roads in Mong Kok, a tourist area known for its night market, were blocked with bricks as protesters threw glass bottles and other items at police officers at about 11 p.m. Sunday. Police sprayed tear gas to disperse the crowds, according to a statement from the city’s government.

A traffic light was smashed and dismantled as protesters set boxes on fire to block more roads at about 1:30 a.m. Monday. Riot police responded through a loudspeaker that it was their “final warning.”

The clash late Sunday followed a more subdued weekend for the city’s demonstrations. Protests have raged in Asia’s premier financial hub since June, when large crowds took to the streets to oppose a bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China.

Although Lam’s government eventually withdrew the proposed law, the protesters’ demands have broadened to include universal suffrage and the creation of an independent inquiry into police conduct during the increasingly violent unrest.

The visit by Lam, whose administration has been criticized for its handling of the unrest, comes after an estimated 800,000 people took to the streets in a demonstration last week. It also follows a landslide victory by opposition pro-democracy parties over her pro-establishment allies in local elections.

“The purpose of the duty visit is to give a full account of what has happened in Hong Kong over the past year,” Lam said in a press briefing last week. “Particularly what has happened in Hong Kong in the last six months.”

Throughout the chaos, China has steadfastly supported Lam, even as her popularity in the former British colony sunk to record lows. Chinese officials have condemned the protesters and voiced their backing for the city’s police.

Economic Impact

The clashes have taken a toll on Hong Kong’s economy, which is expected to enter its first annual recession in a decade.

Tourists have stayed away in droves — arrivals from mainland China were down 35% in September compared with the same month of 2018, and the hotel occupancy rate averaged 63%. The Hong Kong International Airport handled 5 million passengers in November, down 16% from a year earlier, the Hong Kong Airport Authority said in a statement.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan wrote in his weekly blog that foreign investors may choose centers other than Hong Kong if unrest continues in the city, RTHK reported.

Adam Kwok, executive director of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., one of the city’s biggest developers, called on the government to help the hospitality sector. Hotel revenue for the company had fallen by as much as 40% in November and December due to the unrest, he said. This half, hotel revenue is forecast to be down around 30%.

“We strongly urge the government to help the hotel industry,” Kwok said in a rare public address for a new hotel Friday. “We really need it.”

The clash in Mong Kok late Sunday followed a gathering of several hundreds in Edinburgh Place in central Hong Kong earlier in the evening, calling for a strike by social workers in support of the protests. In the New Territories town of Shatin, police said they had taken “enforcement actions” after scuffles with protesters in a mall broke out earlier in the day. Demonstrators threw a smoke bomb and blocked entrances of the shopping center, security forces said in a statement.

Masked demonstrators also clashed earlier with bystanders who were trying to prevent them from drawing graffiti on walls and windows of a mall in the New Territories town of Shatin. Riot police moved into the shopping center to disperse the groups of protesters.

Earlier on Sunday, hundreds of people also gathered in Tamar Park in Hong Kong’s city center for a rally in support of the government. People waved China flags and chanted “say no to violence” as speakers called for an end to anti-Beijing protests.

On Saturday, police arrested three people suspected of making an explosive device in Tuen Mun, the force said in a statement on its Facebook page. On Monday, security services defused what they described as two homemade bombs in Wanchai.

Earlier in the day, police also arrested five people between the ages of 15 and 18 in connection with the death of a 70-year-old man who was hit by a brick near the site of a protest in Sheung Shui last month, according to a government press release.

–With assistance from Jinshan Hong.

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Judge urges Legislature to bar police from using ‘deceptive schemes’ to skirt Miranda rights

A judge on California’s top court implored the Legislature on Wednesday to bar a “pervasive” police practice of using deception to obtain confessions from suspects who have invoked their right to remain silent.

“The use of deceptive schemes to continue questioning a suspect who has invoked Miranda rights appears to be a common police practice throughout California,” Justice Goodwin Liu wrote in a dissent.

The dissent came in response to a Wednesday decision by the California Supreme Court to decline review of a Los Angeles case in which a suspect was tricked into confessing by an undercover deputy placed in his cell with a hidden recorder.

A Los Angeles-based state Court of Appeal upheld a decision by a trial judge in the case to admit the confession into evidence. It led to the murder conviction of Manuel de Jesus Valencia, who was 18 when arrested for the gang-related killing. Valencia was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

“Miranda forbids coercion, not strategic deception that tricks suspects into trusting someone they see as a fellow prisoner,” the Court of Appeal wrote in September.

Wednesday’s order by the California Supreme Court denying review contained no explanation of the majority’s reasoning.

Liu, in his dissent, complained that the court has repeatedly refused to take up similar cases.

“Compliance with Miranda is not a game, and the Legislature, if not this court, should make that clear,” wrote Liu, a Brown appointee.

He said no one disputed that Valencia had validly invoked his Miranda rights before “the police devised a scheme to extract a confession from him.” The scheme by an LAPD officer included falsely telling Valencia that a witness had picked him out of a lineup.

Liu cited a long list of decisions by California appellate courts upholding convictions despite such practices.

“These cases, which come from multiple counties up and down the state, are just the tip of the iceberg,” Liu said. “Because courts have consistently rejected challenges to such practices, and because this court has declined multiple opportunities to take up the issue, it is likely that many defendants do not raise this issue on appeal.”

Liu said the police tactic “integrates official questioning and surreptitious questioning into a single coordinated scheme to exhaust defendants into confessing” after they have invoked Miranda to remain silent and ask for a lawyer.

The Miranda right stems from the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Miranda vs. Arizona, which set rules for police interactions with citizens.

“‘Once warnings have been given, the subsequent procedure is clear,’” Liu quoted the high court as ruling. “‘If the individual indicates in any manner, at any time prior to or during questioning, that he wishes to remain silent, the interrogation must cease.’”

The U.S. Supreme Court limited Miranda in 1990, ruling in Illinois vs. Perkins that an undercover officer may question a suspect without giving him or her a Miranda warning. But Liu said that case did not involve a suspect who had already invoked his Miranda right.

“Nevertheless, our courts of appeal have extended Perkins to hold that surreptitious questioning of a suspect is permissible even after the suspect has invoked Miranda rights and remains in custody,” Liu said.

He said courts in other states also have upheld the practice, except for Nevada, which has barred it. Liu also noted that Orange County prosecutors have a policy against it.

Officer Tony Im, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said he was unfamiliar with Wednesday’s case and could not comment on it.

The California Supreme Court meets privately to discuss which appeals to accept and traditionally does not comment about its reasoning. Liu has taken to issuing full-blown dissents to some of these court orders since he joined the court in 2011.

The court now has four Democratic appointees and three justices appointed by Republican governors.

The court may decline to review a case for a variety of reasons.

Some justices might agree with the lower court’s reasoning, believe the issue should be allowed to percolate further in the lower courts or think the facts of the case would be a poor vehicle for a ruling. When courts of appeal issue contradictory decisions, the state high court generally must step in to clarify the law.

The lower court’s ruling in Valencia’s case was not published, meaning it cannot be cited as precedent.

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Records Show How Police Closed The City’s Subway During Pro-Democracy Protests

Anthony Wallace / Getty Images

A train carriage after it was vandalised at the University MTR station.

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s police force requested that the city shutter subway stations or halt train service on at least ten occasions that coincided with major pro-democracy protests, records obtained by BuzzFeed News show.

Clean, efficient and quick, the Mass Transit Railway, or the MTR has long been the pride of Hong Kong. But in recent months, subway signs have been scribbled over with spray paint and facilities have been smashed or burned on protest days as anger has increased toward the company.

A string of early closures in October sparked accusations that the MTR was being used to create a de facto citywide curfew without legally passing one. MTR employees previously told BuzzFeed News that they did not see technical reasons for the early shutdowns and believed that they were being used to curtail attendance at protests. Police have also used the stations as areas to detain protesters in recent months, and have fired pepper spray into several stations as the demonstrations escalated.

The MTR Corp. is a publicly-traded company that counts the Hong Kong government as its majority shareholder. Under its operating agreement with the government, the MTR corporation is required to make “adequate” accommodations for the Hong Kong Police Force as well as submit a report to the government any time there is a delay or emergency shutdown. (It’s also subject to fines for major delays to incentivize better service.)

Mohd Rasfan / Getty Images

A family looks at a charred and shuttered exit to the Admiralty MTR station on October 6.

In early October, BuzzFeed News requested a copy of all reports submitted to the government for any emergency closures or delays between June, when the protests began, and the first day of October, which saw widespread protests that coincided with the National Day of China. The transportation department did not provide the complete reports but did provide a summary of all of the reports, which BuzzFeed News is publishing in full.

Hong Kong lawmakers have also questioned the station closures. In a November response, the secretary of transportation released a list of dates when the subway was closed, but did not specify that many of the closures came at the request of the police.

One of Hong Kong protesters’ five demands is an independent inquiry into police violence as the accusations have mounted over six months of demonstrations. On Wednesday, an international panel of experts that was advising the police on a probe quit, citing criticisms that the police had no real independent watchdog capability.

The subway first became a major flashpoint on July 21, when a mob of men dressed in white stormed an MTR station in the Northern Territories region of Hong Kong and beat passengers and protesters indiscriminately with rods. The MTR called the police for assistance and they closed the station. Some details about the incident were disclosed by the MTR.

Nicolas Asfouri / Getty Images

A gate to Mong Kok train station is closed on October 8.

But records show that police began requesting station closures way back in June. Mass protests in Hong Kong started on June 9 when about 1 million people marched in the streets against a planned extradition bill that has since been scrapped. The MTR reported no delays or closures to the government that day.

Three days later, as protesters tried to push through the Legislative Council building where the bill was being debated, chaos broke out. It was the first time the police used tear gas against protesters. Around 8:30 p.m., police requested the nearest MTR station to the government building to be shuttered. Early the next morning, before 6 a.m. police continued to request that the MTR keep the station shut after protests had subsided.

On June 16, an estimated 2 million residents marched through the streets, but the police made no requests for any station closures. On July 1 police once more made a request to shut down stations on Hong Kong Island — this time just after 7 a.m., hours before a peaceful march proceeded through the city. That night, however, protesters would storm the Legislative Council building and police would eventually fire tear gas after they dispersed.

Police additionally requested service changes in August and September. The records conclude on October 1, when the city was embroiled in protests over China’s National Day. A young man was shot by police that evening.

On October 5, following renewed protests for a ban on face masks, the city shut down the entire subway system for the first time in the MTR’s history.

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Malin Andersson turns to police after receiving acid attack threats

Love Island’s Malin Andersson has been receiving acid attack threats online (Picture: Getty Images)

Love Island star Malin Andersson is seeking help from the police after being subjected to acid attack threats online.

The reality star, who shot to fame on the second series of the ITV2 dating show in 2016, shared her scary ordeal on Instagram, as she called out the troll for taunting her on social media.

Highlighting just how scary trolling can be, Malin explained she has been working with police to find out who the troll in question is and told fans: ‘People don’t realise what kind these kind of threats do to people.’

‘Sick in the head,’ she wrote, while sharing a screenshot of the horrible message she had received.

It read: ‘I’ve seen you about 3times in mk and have not decided what I will do to you. you will not get away with all the sh*t you’ve done acid sounds good little bitch (sic).’

(Picture: Instagram)
(Picture: Instagram)

Malin added in a second post: ‘I couldn’t stay quiet for this one. Me and the police are going to find out who this is. I have no words.’

A source told The Sun that Malin has left her home, as a result of the threatening message, and skipped a service where she was supposed to be lighting a candle for her daughter Consy, who died earlier this year, because she feared the troll would be in the area.

‘Malin has been really shook up by the threats. She’s had the police to her house and has called in security to look after her,’ the source told the paper.

‘She’s not been back to the house since… it’s devastating and really the last thing she needs.’ have reached out to Malin’s rep.

View this post on Instagram

It’s almost a year until what would have been her 1st birthday, and I can’t express how much my heart hurts for that. Nobody deserves to go through losing a child. But what I can say is that I’m so privileged to announce that I am now @sandscharity official ambassador after an exciting meeting today. Suffering = strength – If anything she would be so proud of me right now. I am not a victim, I’m a survivor of many things. Giving back is something I’ve always wanted to do. I could have gone in a different direction and gone down a bad path but the universe knew I was strong enough to handle the pain. I won’t stop raising awareness for things I truly believe in. It’s a privilege to be part of such an amazing charity – let’s break the stigma and keep raising awareness for @babyloss @sandscharity #SandsAmbassador .. Almost a year now baby Consy – mumma loves you ❤️

A post shared by MALIN ANDERSSON (@missmalinsara) on

Malin, who is an advocate for body positivity, recently paid tribute to baby Consy, as what would have been her first birthday approaches, in a sweet Instagram post.

Sharing a series of pictures of her baby girl, before she died just four weeks after being born prematurely, Malin wrote: ‘It’s almost a year until what would have been her 1st birthday, and I can’t express how much my heart hurts for that. Nobody deserves to go through losing a child.’

In another post Malin reached out to her baby girl and called Consy her ‘forever angel’.

‘Oh baby girl this month is proving tough but I’m needing a reminder that you are my FOREVER ANGEL! For anyone else needing help please know @sandscharity are here to help,’ she said.

Malin gave birth to Consy at the end of 2018 – naming her daughter after her mother, Consy, who passed away in 2017.

Speaking to about her heartbreaking loss, Malin said she doesn’t want to let it define her and instead wants to become a ‘better person’ because of her experience.

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She said: ‘You can either let it consume you, or you could just let it evolve you as a person and use it as a kind of strength.

‘When you suffer stuff or loss. If you let it kind of define who you are, it will eat you up. So it’s best to let it make you a better person.’

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MORE: Jacqueline Jossa says reuniting with her family is ‘better’ than winning I’m A Celebrity

MORE: Juice Wrld’s music floods the charts after news of his death breaks

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Four Suspects In Rape And Murder Of 27-Year-Old Vet Are Shot Dead By Police

Police said the suspects were shot trying to escape during a reconstruction at the scene of the crime that took place in the early hours of the morning.

Posted on December 6, 2019, at 3:54 a.m. ET

Reuters Tv / Reuters

Police arrive at the scene where four suspects were shot dead.

NEW DELHI — Four men suspected of raping and killing a 27-year-old woman before burning her body have been shot dead by police in India.

According to police, the suspects, all of whom were in custody, were shot attempting to escape during a reconstruction at the scene of the crime in Hyderabad, a city in South India.

According to a police statement on the incident, the four suspects tried to snatch a gun from an officer before attempting to flee through a deserted lane and were subsequently shot by police.

Police said the shooting took place in the early hours of Friday — according to police, they had taken the suspects to the crime scene at such an early hour to prevent acts of violence by angry citizens.

DCP Shamshabad Prakash Reddy: Cyberabad Police had brought the accused persons to the crime spot for re-construction of the sequence of events. The accused snatched weapon and fired on Police. In self defence the police fired back, in which the accused were killed. #Telangana

India is experiencing yet another cycle of mindless violence against women — just yesterday, a woman in North India who said she was raped by two men was set on fire when she was on her way to court for a hearing in her case. Five men were arrested in connection with the attack.

Public anger over inefficient governance and law enforcement following the violence women face has led to growing calls for capital punishment and chemical castration.

Sam Panthaky / Getty Images

Demonstrators from the National Congress Party (NCP) hang and beat a dummy of a rapist as they protest against sexual violence against women following the rape and killing of a 27-year-old woman in Hyderabad.

Several reports after the rape and murder of the woman in Hyderabad, a veterinary doctor who cannot be named for legal reasons, revealed that the police wasted precious time in investigating the woman’s disappearance after her family filed a complaint — the police even suggested it was futile looking for her as she had “probably eloped” with a lover.

After news of the shooting broke in India this morning, citizens in Hyderabad showered police officers with rose petals and praised their bravery.

#WATCH Hyderabad: People celebrate and cheer for police at the encounter site where the four accused were killed in an encounter earlier today. #Telangana

On Twitter, police from Telangana, the state which Hyderabad is the capital of, were congratulated for delivering “swift justice.”

My salute to the #hyderabadpolice department for the Action they took… waiting for the day where every women feels safe and secure to live in this country..

India’s National Human Rights Commission said the shooting of the suspects needed to be “probed very carefully.”

And others said they were incredibly disturbed at the growing bloodthirsty and mob violence in the country, and demanded an investigation into the police violence.

More than 95% rapes in India are committed by someone known to the victim including family members. Think carefully before applauding police execution of rapists.

There’s only one way to worsen the hideous Hyderabad rape, and this is it–to celebrate custodial murder in place of judicial process. It won’t bring the vet back, and it will further undermine the point of justice in a country bedevilled with mob lynchings. #hyderabadencounter

I have filed a complaint about the extrajudicial killing of the 4 accused in the PriyankaReddyCase with the NHRC : diary number 14564/IN/2019. Of course, in the NHRC its mostly the police investigating the police … but …

Please, please educate yourself about the extent and enormity of violence against women before you applaud extreme and chilling extra-judicial measures that do absolutely nothing to fix the problem of violent masculinity in India, or fix the deeply broken trial system.

According to the Deccan Herald newspaper, a senior police officer in Hyderabad was involved in a similar shooting at his previous post, when his team shot a group of men who had allegedly attacked two women with acid.

These extra-judicial killings, where the police shoot and kill suspects allegedly in self-defense, are known as “encounter killings” in several parts of South Asia.

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4 killed in shootout following theft of UPS truck in Florida: Police

The driver of the UPS truck was among those killed.

Two suspects and two civilians died in Florida on Thursday after an attempted robbery led to the theft of a UPS truck and a shootout with police.

The incident began at a jewelry store in Coral Gables, police said.

At least one store employee was injured. That person’s status is unknown.

The two suspects, police said, then carjacked a UPS truck, holding the driver hostage during police pursuit.

The driver was among those killed, along with an innocent bystander at the scene of the shootout.

The attempted theft began around 4:15 p.m. local time, FBI Special Agent in Charge George Piro told reporters later Thursday night.

As the suspects fled Regent Jewelers, shots were fired, and the two men carjacked the UPS truck before leading authorities on a high-speed pursuit, Piro said.

The two suspects died in a firefight with police. It’s unclear how the truck driver and bystander were killed — whether it was gunfire from the suspects or if they were caught in the crossfire with police.

UPS released a statement, saying, “We are deeply saddened to learn a UPS service provider was a victim of this senseless act of violence. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of our employee and the other innocent victims involved in this incident. We appreciate law enforcement’s service and will cooperate with the authorities as they continue the investigation.”

The FBI is leading the investigation.

ABC News’ Michael Kreisel, Lisa Sivertsen and Darren Reynolds contributed to this report.

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Winnipeg police dog Banner dies, saluted by WPS members – Winnipeg

Winnipeg police confirmed Thursday one of their good boys has died.

Banner, who was a furry member of the K-9 unit, died Wednesday at Bridgwater Veterinary Services.

Winnipegger Cassie Maeren posted on social media that she witnessed Banner and his handler heading into the vet Wednesday.

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“Fast forward an hour or so and tons of other police cars show up at the vet and are parked all around the building,” she said. “A bunch of officers get out of their cars and are standing at the door to meet the handler who is walking out with a large box.

“The handler loads the box into the back of the K-9 unit vehicle and everyone appears to be crying and hugging.”

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The officers then got back into their cruisers, she said, then all the units turned on their lights and slowly drove away.

“It was a absolutely beautiful send off for the police K-9 and although it was devastating to see this it made me so happy to see the respect and honour that was given to that dog by his handler and other police officers,” she said.

Banner was featured in the Winnipeg Police Services 2018 Calendar.

The WPS is one of the few police services in Canada that has its own in-house breeding program, and currently has 10 K-9 teams as part of the Special Operations Unit. The dogs are trained to help take down fleeing suspects and some are trained for other jobs including sniffing out illegal drugs, explosives and more.

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The WPS uses Belgian Malinois dogs, with a sprinkling of German Shepherds.

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Chicago Mayor Fires Police Superintendent, Citing ‘Ethical Lapses’ : NPR

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced on Nov. 7 that he would retire at the end of the year. On Monday, he was fired by the mayor.

Teresa Crawford/AP

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Teresa Crawford/AP

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced on Nov. 7 that he would retire at the end of the year. On Monday, he was fired by the mayor.

Teresa Crawford/AP

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday fired the retiring police superintendent, Eddie Johnson, who she accused of lying about an incident in which he was found asleep at the wheel of his car a few blocks from his home after having drinks on a mid-October night.

Her announcement, at a hastily called news conference, came after reading an inspector general’s report and viewing bodycam video of the incident. Johnson had said that he had neglected to take his blood pressure medication and had been drinking earlier in the evening.

Lightfoot made it clear that she was not buying Johnson’s story.

“The findings … make it clear that Eddie Johnson engaged in conduct that is not only unbecoming, but demonstrated a series of ethical lapses and flawed decision making that is inconsistent with having the privilege of leading the Chicago Police Department,” the mayor said.

The report and video showed that Johnson had repeatedly lied about the events on the night of Oct. 16 and morning of Oct. 17, the mayor said.

“What he portrayed to me, what he portrayed to the public was fundamentally different than what the facts show,” she added.

But Lightfoot declined to be more specific about what the report and video showed, saying she did not want to influence the ongoing investigation and that she was acting “out of deference” to Johnson’s family.

“While at some point, the inspector general’s report may become public and those details may be revealed, I don’t feel like it is appropriate or fair to Mr. Johnson’s wife or children to do so at this time,” she said.

The police who discovered their boss asleep in his car did not administer a sobriety test and allowed him to drive himself home.

Johnson, 59, was chief of patrol when then-mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed him to lead the nation’s third largest police force in 2016 to replace the fired Superintendent Garry McCarthy. Johnson, who never applied for the job as Chicago’s top cop, was selected when Emanuel bypassed three finalists in favor of the former patrolman who was raised in Chicago in an apparent effort to ease tensions between the police department and communities of color.

At the time of his appointment, the police department was reeling from the release of the video depicting the controversial shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald by officer Jason Van Dyke in 2014. Last fall a jury convicted Van Dyke of second-degree murder and earlier this year, he was sentenced to 81 months in prison.

Johnson supervised an expansion of the police force by about 1,000 new officers and the largest roll-out of police body cameras in the country. Overall violent crime declined in November 2019 compared with the same month a year ago.

Last month, Lightfoot and Johnson had appeared together at a news conference announcing he would retire at the end of the year. The mayor praised the reform-minded superintendent who insisted that his decision to leave his post had nothing to do with the October incident. The mayor said she now regrets appearing at that event.

Former Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck, who already been named as Johnson’s interim successor, will take immediate control of the police department.

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Dutch police arrest 35-year-old suspect in Hague stabbings

Dutch police on Saturday said they had arrested a 35-year-old man suspected of stabbing three youths on a street in the center of The Hague late on Friday, Trend reports citing Reuters.

Police said the suspect, described as having no fixed address, had been brought to a police station for questioning.

The three people injured, two 15-year-old girls and a 13-year-old boy were all discharged from hospital late on Friday.

National broadcaster NOS quoted two eyewitnesses as saying the girls had run screaming from the street into a nearby store. One said an “athletic” man fled the scene, jumping easily over obstacles.

The area was cordoned off for hours as first aid workers helped victims and police combed the area for clues.

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