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Brazil virus death toll hits 28,834, surpassing hard-hit France

Brasília (AFP) – Brazil on Saturday reached 28,834 coronavirus fatalities, authorities said, surpassing hard-hit France and becoming the country with the world’s fourth-highest death toll.

At the epicenter of South America’s coronavirus outbreak, Brazil also saw an increase of 33,274 cases in the past 24 hours — a new daily record, the Health Ministry said.

That number brings Brazil’s total caseload to 498,444, the second-highest in the world, lagging only behind the United States.

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro remain the hardest-hit states in Brazil in terms of sheer numbers, while per capita rates are higher in the country’s impoverished north and northeast, where health facilities are reaching capacity.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has indicated “there is no way to foresee” when the country’s outbreak will peak, and experts say the number of cases could be 15 times higher than the confirmed figure because there has been no widespread testing.

The pandemic is spreading across Brazil under a cloud of confrontation, as governors and mayors implement restrictive measures while President Jair Bolsonaro, who has pinned his hopes of re-election on a booming economy, has berated them for imposing what he calls “the tyranny of total quarantine.”

The US death toll now stands at 103,685. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, has a toll of 38,376 and Italy stands at 33,340, according to a latest count by AFP.

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Chris Wallace Hits Donald Trump With Blunt Fact-Check On Mail-In Ballot Fraud Claims

Fox News host Chris Wallace risked drawing the ire of Donald Trump yet again on Friday after he debunked the president’s false claims on mail-in voter fraud.

Trump has ramped up his rhetoric against mail-in voting in recent weeks, at one point even threatening to withhold federal funds from Nevada and Michigan if they went ahead with sending applications to voters.

That’s despite Trump himself voting by mail in Florida’s GOP primary in March.

Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” fact-checked the president’s claims on Friday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom.”

“Well, you know, I’ve done some deep dive into it, there really is no record of massive fraud or even serious fraud from mail-in voting,” he said.

Check out the video here:

“It’s being carried out in Republican states. It’s being carried out in Democratic states,” Wallace continued. “There’s no indication that mail-in voting, as opposed to in-person voting, tends to favor one party over another.”

Wallace noted how “if anything, it tends to favor Republicans” because “the people, now we’re talking about outside a pandemic, who historically have tended to vote most often by mail are elderly people, people over 65, and they tend to vote more Republican than Democratic.”

“Have there been some cases? Yes,” Wallace acknowledged, also citing the potential problem of vote harvesting. “But when people get their ballots and mail them in themselves, no history of fraud at all,” he said.

Trump has also falsely claimed on multiple occasions that up to 5 million votes were illegally cast in the 2016 presidential election. He lost the popular vote to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes.

Wallace’s fact-checking of Trump came amid an escalation in tensions between the president and Fox News, whose primetime hosts, in particular, have been widely accused of being a propaganda vehicle for the Trump administration.

Trump lashed out at the widely watched conservative network earlier this week after anchor Neil Cavuto slammed the president’s claim about taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine as protection against the coronavirus.

“Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd,” Trump tweeted Thursday.

A HuffPost Guide To Coronavirus


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UK government borrowing hits record high in April and retail sales slump – business live | Business

Full story: Borrowing surge amid crisis

Retail sales slump: What the experts say

Covid-19 fears and Hong Kong tensions hit markets

UK internet shopping hits record high

UK borrowing: What the economists say

Introduction: Government borrowing hits £62bn in April


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Coronavirus live updates: WHO considers global emergency declaration as death toll hits 170

The World Health Organization is set to meet Thursday, for the third time in a week, to determine if the deadly coronavirus outbreak should be declared a global emergency.

Such a declaration would trigger tighter containment and information-sharing guidelines, but may disappoint Beijing, which had expressed confidence in defeating the “devil” virus.

Some 6,000 people are being kept on board an Italian cruise ship as tests are carried out on two Chinese passengers suspected of having caught coronavirus, a spokesman for the Costa Crociere cruise company said on Thursday.

Jump to live updates

The couple arrived in Italy on Jan. 25 and boarded the ship, the Costa Smeralda, in the port of Savona that same day. They subsequently came down with a fever and are suffering breathing difficulties

The liner has visited Marseilles in France, and the Spanish ports of Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca this week before docking on Thursday at Civitavecchia, north of Rome.

No one was being allowed off the ship while medical checks were carried out to see if the pair had the potentially deadly coronavirus, the company spokesman said.

He said it might take “a few hours” before the situation became clearer.

On Thursday countries began isolating hundreds of citizens evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed 170 people.

Follow along below for live updates on the coronavirus outbreak from around the world and Canada:

Read more about the Wuhan coronavirus:

Why a mask won’t protect you from the Wuhan coronavirus

There is a website that tracks and displays the spread of the coronavirus in real time

Coronavirus conspiracy theories: Sorting fact from fiction as speculation reaches fever pitch

Coronavirus outbreak active and spreading, WHO says: ‘Why wouldn’t people be concerned?’

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Death toll rises after Typhoon Phanfone hits Philippines

Typhoon Phanfone has killed at least 28 people in central Philippines on Christmas Day and left 12 missing, while thousands have been forced to flee their homes.

The locally known as Typhoon Ursula ravaged three provinces, as it fist made landfall on Eastern Samar province on Tuesday and continued to sweep west across the Eastern Visayas region, southern Luzon and Western Visayas the next day.

The typhoon tore roofs off houses and destroyed water and power lines, and led to severe floodings and landslides in many cities, according to the government’s office of civil defence.

Flights and ferries were canceled, leaving behind thousands travelling on their way home, while many major roads remain impassable and internet and mobile networks are cut in badly damaged areas.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), a total of 58,400 people were pre-emptively evacuated ahead of the typhoon, forced to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in temporary evacuation shelters at school gymnasiums and bus terminals.

“Ursula”, that touched gusts of 95 kilometres per hour, was reported to be easing in strength on Thursday, as it moved over the western Philippines toward the South China Sea .

“I join in the pain that affected the dear people of the Philippines because of the Typhoon Phanfone. I pray for the numerous victims, for the injured and for their families,” said Pope Francis.

Rescue operations in flooded communities are still taking place, while the death toll is constantly rising.

Philippines are struck by more than 20 typhoons annually with Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 being the deadliest, leaving more than 6,000 victims behind. Typhoon Kammuri hit Philippines just three weeks ago, killing at least 17 people, as it ripped the capital Manila and neighbour areas.

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New Zealand volcano: Search fails to find last two victims as death toll hits 16

A search has failed to locate the bodies of the last two victims of a volcano eruption in New Zealand that claimed the lives of at least 16 people.

It came as New Zealand police confirmed the 16th victim died on Saturday at Sydney’s Concord Hospital, one of several Australian hospitals where survivors suffering from severe burns were being treated.

It comes as the first five victims were officially named by police. 

On Sunday, two four-person teams landed on the volcanic White Island by helicopter to search a location thought to be where one of the remaining bodies might be. 

The teams were wearing heavy protective clothing due to the toxic air and gases present on the island as a result of the eruption.

Their breathing apparatus allowed them to search for only 75 minutes.

The searchers were unable to locate either body and returned to the mainland where they underwent decontamination. 

New Zealand Police national operations commander John Tims said the search will continue.

Members of a dive squad conduct a search during a recovery operation around White Island (NEW ZEALAND POLICE via REUTERS)

“We have always anticipated recovering all bodies from the island, and we remain deeply committed to that goal, to allow families some closure,” he said.

“We are now debriefing, reassessing and coming up with a new plan going forward.”

Mr Tims said the process of identifying victims and releasing bodies to their loved ones was ongoing in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

“We will continue to release the names of those who have died as soon as we are able to,” he said.

Five victims have so far been named, four of whom are Australians.

The first to be named was Krystal Browitt, a veterinary nursing student from Melbourne, Australia, who turned 21 on November 29.

On Sunday, Zoe Hosking, 15, and her stepfather Gavin Dallow, 53, both from Adelaide, were confirmed as dead. Lisa Dallow, Zoe’s mother, is being treated for severe burns.

Anthony Langford, 51, of Sydney, has also been confirmed dead. He was travelling with his wife Kristine Langford and their children Jesse, 19, and Winona, 17.

Jesse survived the eruption and was identified in a New Zealand hospital on Tuesday evening. His mother and sister are still unaccounted for.

The fourth person identified on Sunday is New Zealand resident Tipene Maangi, 24.

Two British women were among those admitted to hospital in New Zealand after the volcano erupted.

All 13 Australians who suffered burns were transported to hospitals around Australia for treatment, at least eight of whom are reported to be in a critical condition.

Navy and police divers are expected to resume the search of waters around the island later on Sunday.


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Seven injured as Swansea University bus hits railway bridge

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionSwansea bus crash: ‘It was like a tin opener took the top off’

Seven people have been injured and a man has been arrested after a bus bound for Swansea University crashed into a railway bridge.

One person has been seriously injured and another has life-threatening injuries, South Wales Police said.

Emergency services are at the scene following the crash on Neath Road, Swansea, just before 09:40 GMT.

A 63-year-old man has been arrested and the bus company, First Cymru, said a full investigation had been launched.

Four people were taken to Swansea’s Morriston Hospital, one with serious injuries, two to Neath Port Talbot’s minor injuries unit and a number of other people were assessed at the scene. One person was airlifted to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff with life-threatening injuries.

The bus was travelling from Swansea University Singleton campus to its Swansea Bay campus when the crash happened but was off its normal route due to a temporary road closure, a First Cymru spokesman said.

Swansea University said its students were among the passengers and its welfare staff were offering help and support.

Image caption

The roof of the bus could be seen on the railway tracks

Image copyright
Alastair Hawkes

Image caption

Alastair Hawkes was on the top deck of the bus when the crash happened

Swansea Bay health board asked people to avoid attending Morriston A&E “unless you have a serious illness or injury”, saying the department was “extremely busy”.

The road remains closed and people have been asked to avoid the area.

Lines to Swansea railway were closed for a time but have since reopened. National Rail said trains at Swansea could still be cancelled, delayed by up to 20 minutes or revised.

‘There was a crunch and smashing glass and screaming’

Alastair Hawkes, 22, was on the top deck when the crash happened: “There was a lady who was cut out, she was bleeding heavily and flown to hospital in Cardiff.

“I think there were three injured – somebody else was bleeding badly and an older gentleman was shaken, in shock. We thought he passed out.”

Mr Hawkes, who got on the bus in the Uplands area, said it had taken a different route to normal, he believes because of a fallen tree.

“There was a crunch and smashing glass and screaming.

“Everyone was thinking ‘what just happened?’ as there was a bridge halfway up the bus.”

Image caption

Several lines to Swansea station closed after the crash

Image copyright
Dimitris Legakis

Image caption

Motorists are asked to avoid the area, and only visit Morriston A&E if they have a serious injury or illness

The student, originally from Kettering, said he dialled 999 while another passenger managed to hail down police.

He described the top half of the bus slicing off on to the train track above and passengers in shock.

“Those that were bleeding were taken to hospital and the rest brought here (Landore Social Club),” he said.

“Most are alright, but they’re just making sure.”

Image copyright
Tom Evans

Image caption

Seven people were taken to hospital and others were assessed at the scene

What is the bus company saying?

The managing director of First Cymru, Andrew Sherrington, said: “We can confirm one of our vehicles operating Service 10 between Swansea University Singleton campus and Swansea Bay university campus has been involved in a collision with a bridge, which has resulted in a number of passengers sustaining injuries.

“We’ve immediately dispatched a support team and launched a full investigation to establish the circumstances that has led to this collision, and are assisting South Wales Police with their enquiries.

“Everyone at First Cymru is shocked by this incident and our heartfelt sympathies go out to those injured.”

Image caption

A social club nearby has opened to offer tea and coffee to passengers

‘We heard an almighty bang’

Tom Evans, who works near to the scene of the crash, said it looked like “a tin opener had taken the top of the bus off”.

He arrived on the scene shortly after the crash and said he believed the bus driver had misjudged the height of a railway bridge and tried to drive under it.

He added: “I heard it and went out soon after. Police were there quickly, cordoning it off. It’s now a no-go area.”

A man who works nearby who did not wish to be identified, said the crash looked “really serious”.

He added: “We heard an almighty bang and all thought it was thunder because it’s raining, but then we saw an ambulance, we thought somebody’s crashed on the M4 but then, no, they’re outside.

“We ran outside and saw the bus and we could see anyone who would have been on the top deck at the front, well it would be really serious… it was destroyed.”

Secretary Terry Edkins opened up the nearby Landore Social Club at the request of police to offer tea and coffee to passengers.

“There are about 20 people at the social club having teas and coffees. The ones at the club are a bit shaken but OK,” he added.

Image copyright
Tom Evans

Image caption

Disruption to transport is expected to continue until 17:00

What about transport disruption?

Transport for Wales (TfW) were reporting delays. “Due to a road vehicle colliding with a bridge at #Swansea fewer trains are able to run on some lines. Services are running but will not call at Swansea Station,” it tweeted.

It said replacement buses were in operation and motorists have been asked to avoid the Neath Road and Hafod area.

TfW said coaches are being sourced to run between Swansea and Cardiff, and services between Carmarthen and Manchester are also disrupted and will not call at Swansea.

Image caption

A recovery vehicle is at the scene of the incident

National Rail said disruption was expected until 17:00 and the routes affected are Great Western Railway between Swansea and London Paddington and TfW’s service between Shrewsbury and Cardiff Central.

Traffic analyst site Inrix said there was queuing traffic on the A483 Fabian Way, more than one mile away from the crash.

What do the emergency services say?

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said crews were in attendance and the Welsh Ambulance Service said it sent five ambulances, two rapid response cars and three ambulance officers to the scene.

South Wales Police said: “We and our fellow emergency services are currently in attendance at a road traffic collision involving a bus and a bridge in Neath Road, Swansea.

“We are asking motorists to avoid the area while this incident is ongoing.”

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Aubameyang hits back as match heads into final minutes – latest commentary and updates – The Sun

ARSENAL are facing Norwich in Freddie Ljungberg’s first game in temporary charge.

Unai Emery paid the price for the Gunners worst run since 1992 and was given the boot on Friday, giving Highbury legend Freddie just two days to work some magic.

Norwich have beaten Man City here this season and ended a long winless run last weekend at Everton.

Follow live updates from Carrow Road below…

  • Live score: Norwich 2 Arsenal 2 (Pukki 21′ Cantwell 45′; Aubameyang 29′ 57′)
  • Start time: 2pm
  • Venue: Carrow Road, Norwich
  • TV/Live stream: Sky Sports PL & Main Event/Sky Go and NOW TV
  • Norwich XI: Krul, Aarons, Zimmermann, Godfrey, Byram, Trybull, Amadou, McLean, Cantwell, Hernandez, Pukki.
  • Arsenal XI: Leno, Chambers, Mustafi, David Luiz, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Willock, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

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England in New Zealand: BJ Watling hits 205 as tourists face battle to save Test

BJ Watling surpassed Brendon McCullum’s 185 for the highest Test score by a New Zealand wicketkeeper
First Test, Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui, day four of five:
England 353 & 55-3: Santner 3-6
New Zealand 615-9dec: Watling 205, Santner 126, De Grandhomme 65
England trail by 207 runs

England face a tough battle to save the first Test against New Zealand after BJ Watling scored a superb double century on day four in Mount Maunganui.

Watling made 205 and Mitchell Santner hit 123 for his maiden Test century in a stand of 261 for the seventh wicket.

A dominant New Zealand declared on 615-9 just after tea, leading by 262.

England slipped to 55-3 at the close, trailing by 207, meaning they will have to bat out an entire day with just seven wickets in hand to force a draw.

Santner took all three wickets for just six runs, removing both England openers Dom Sibley and Rory Burns before dismissing nightwatchman Jack Leach with the last ball of the day.

Replays suggested Leach had not nicked the ball to short leg, but he and Joe Denly opted against a review, summing up a chastening day for the tourists.

With Santner extracting turn on an otherwise docile pitch and England jaded after being kept in the field for 201 overs, New Zealand will be confident of securing a 1-0 lead in the two-match series on day five.

Tired England falter late on

Jack Leach fell to what proved to be the final delivery of day four

Facing 28 tricky overs until the close, Burns and Sibley negotiated the first hour with relative ease, seeing off opening bowlers Trent Boult and Tim Southee and not falling for Neil Wagner’s short-ball trap.

But just as England seemed on course to get through unscathed, Santner produced a canny spell that could prove decisive in securing a New Zealand win.

Testing the batsmen with drift and bounce, he saw Sibley dropped via an inside edge by Watling and a diving Southee put down Burns but neither England opener could add to their total before they were dismissed.

Sibley pushed at a wide one to be caught behind for 12 before a bogged down Burns miscued a sweep shot trying to rotate the strike and was caught by Colin de Grandhomme for 31.

Tom Latham then took a one-handed diving catch as Leach prodded uncertainly and was given out despite the ball appearing to only deflect off the pad, leaving England to rue not using a review.

That England’s concentration faltered late on was perhaps not surprising given they had been worn down in the field.

Despite an improved bowling performance, the damage had been done on day three as a tired attack could only muster one wicket in the first two sessions, with this now the sixth time in England’s last 24 overseas Tests that they have conceded 600 or more.

Watling and Santner give England masterclass

Mitchell Santner ended the day with his maiden Test century and bowling figures of 3-6

England have struggled to make imposing totals on overseas tours in recent years and here Watling and Santner showed them exactly how to, with an immaculate approach to batting on a flat, slow pitch.

Both continued to eschew flamboyant shots in the morning session as they ground out singles to establish a healthy lead of 99 at lunch and only then did they start to attack.

Where England thought they had earned the right to play more expansively at 277-4 and slipped to a disappointing 353 all out, Watling and Santner showed the virtue of doing so when the bowlers have been totally ground down as they added another 138 runs by tea.

Watling tapped his way to 150 before ramping a Jofra Archer short ball over third man for six, while Santner targeted fellow slow left-armer Jack Leach, using his feet superbly to loft several sixes down the ground

Santner scampered two to fine leg to bring up a fine century off 252 balls – his retrained celebration reflecting his admirable discipline after struggling early in his innings.

He finally miscued a lofted drive to long-on but Watling carried on, reaching his double century off 460 balls before nicking Archer behind shortly after the tea break, ending a masterful knock that took New Zealand from a tricky position to one of complete control.

Kane Williamson allowed his tailenders to tee off and punish England a while longer before calling them in on 615-9 – New Zealand’s highest score against England in Tests, surpassing the 551-9 at Lord’s in 1973.

‘We need to show a lot of character’ – reaction

Rory Burns fell to the sweep shot after appearing untroubled in reaching 31

Ex-England batsman Mark Ramprakash on Test Match Special: “It was always going to be a tough ask for England, given the fatigue factor. The two openers seemed to negotiate the opening burst pretty well, they looked very calm.

“But it was the introduction of Mitchell Santner that made the difference. He’s not a big spinner of the ball but he’s tall and gets extra bounce. I think that bounce troubled Rory Burns and led to his dismissal.

“England have to be able to rotate the strike but also back their defence for long periods of time. Burns was trying to rotate the strike but he got a top edge.”

Former England bowler Steven Finn: “This is an opportunity for England’s batsmen to keep their side in the series tomorrow.”

England batsman Jos Buttler: “The pitch is starting to create rough. There’s a few cracks but I still think it’s a pretty good wicket. If you can get through the odd ball that does something, it’s still a decent wicket.

“I’m sure the Kiwi seamers will try to get extra bounce out of the wicket. We need high skill levels and a lot of character and this side has got that in abundance.”

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