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Jeremy Corbyn heckled during Stoke-on-Trent visit – ‘IRA lover!’ | UK | News

Jeremy Corbyn was campaigning in Stoke-on-Trent after launching the Labour Party’s manifesto on Thursday. The Labour leader announced plans to radically overhaul the British economy and unleash an unprecedented spending boom. But, he had to brush off hecklers when he arrived to rally support in the constituency, according to footage online.

As he left a boat, two men standing on a bridge above the canal booed the Labour leader, to which he responded by smiling at them and saying “nice to see you, OK”.

Mr Corbyn was greeted by a friendlier crowd when he spoke at a rally in Fenton Town Hall.

He was welcomed by his familiar chant before being given a huge ovation by around 100 people who managed to gather in the hall.

Before departing the city, Mr Corbyn had shouts directed at him which described him as an “IRA lover”.

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A man, dressed in a Northern Ireland-themed flag, did not get a response from Mr Corbyn as he had already got into a car to leave.

It comes just a day after he was heckled in Birmingham.

Protestors in the Midlands city chanted “scum” repeatedly at Mr Corbyn.

The footage was posted on Twitter by ITV journalist Romilly Weeks.

One user said: “Given that it is 45 years ago yesterday that many people died in the Birmingham pub bombings, I don’t think anyone should be surprised at his reception.”

Another tweeted: “Serves him right. Going to Birmingham on today of all days shows how little he cares about the victims of this IRA atrocity. Not fit to be PM.”

A third said: “No set up. Just extremely angry people voicing their opinion. I applaud them.”

Another tweeted: “Well said West Midlands.”

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