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Letters to the Editor, July 19

I see that the border will be closed until Aug. 21 because of COVID-19. That is very good because one leader is listening to the experts and another is almost laughing at the science. I feel that it should be closed until after the election in November, then be re-evaluated from there. If Biden wins, open it as soon as possible.

Scott McMaster

(You do know there are still flights coming and going between the two countries)

I am here today to apologize to our supreme leader and the people of his Liberal Party. I have not paid my taxes for last year. Upon much reflection, I now realize that this was wrong and for this, I am truly and sincerely sorry. Going forward, I will be putting things in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Our supreme leader and his party expect it because it is the right thing to do. I also have a friend with two daughters who didn’t pay either. We will be having discussions with them to chart a way forward. I’ve had to understand and accept your apologies three times now for your indiscretions where there were no penalties given, so I hope that as we are all Canadian equals in the eyes of our supreme leader, I can be forgiven also and without penalty.

R. Collins

(Good one!)

When the radical left decided in their infinite wisdom to shut down debate on everything on the ‘right’ by preventing right-wing speakers from speaking and suing right-wing businesses, protesting anything right-wing and boycotting companies for having a different opinion than the left, what is left to talk about. We on the right can’t speak without financial ruin or public shaming for simply not agreeing with the left. They believe they know how we all should live and that is the end of it.

Wayne Martin

(And it is a terrifying world they envision for the rest of us)

I listened to the prime minister’s daily blunder July 13 while he self isolates from his job. It was interesting how he spun this WE fiasco as only his desire to help students, and how he had no idea how much his family got paid. One reporter mentioned that the amount to be given was much more then the students were to receive (question never answered). Ironically there was absolutely no mention to Finance Minister Bill Morneau failing to realize his own daughter works for WE yet he never pulled out of the voting. What a clown act we are watching while the rest of Canada is being stepped on by size 25 shoes from inept elites. When will the channel change?

Sid Snider

(Not soon enough)

Re “Nothing civil about it” (Brian Lilley, July 17): Justin Trudeau should take credit for his decision to outsource the student grant program to the WE organization. It was the right decision. However, the concept was wrong, providing students with pay for volunteering. Just as the CERB payments are creating a workforce that won’t return to minimum-paying jobs, students will not volunteer for work that is not paid. His decision also did not consider the consequences of selecting an organization that employs his family. With the contraction of WE to their roots, the Trudeau family boondoggle will likely discontinue. The most egregious weakness in Trudeau’s decision, however, is that he did not plan to reduce the civil service by the cost of the outsourced program, including fees.

Larry Sylvester
Acton, Ont.

(That was just one of his many errors. But as for the WE fiasco, Trudeau still has a lot to answer for)

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