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Four-bed home with stables in the shadow of the Hill of Tara

If you’re looking for a glowing description of the Hill of Tara – either its surviving antiquities or its legendary purpose – better steer clear of an account by the Scottish Episcopalian minister and historian John Parker Lawson.

In his two-volume Historical Tales Of The Wars Of Scotland in 1839, Lawson touched on Tara just long enough to cast aspersions on the “apocryphal authorities” and “credulous historians” who perpetuated the myths about the place down through the ages. “Whatever structures, dignified with the names of palaces, halls, and colleges, really at any time existed, were probably of a temporary and fragile character, quite unworthy to be designated architectural, and have long ago… utterly disappeared,” he writes.

He does allow that the hill, along with the Hill of Skreen, share “the power and interest of relieving the monotony of the vast central expanse of the plain of Meath”. As the crow flies, Belper Hall is about two kilometres from the summit of Tara, and just on the outskirts of Tara Village. It’s surrounded by the lushest of Meath countryside, including 6.67 acres of its own land. That should be enough to feed the horses, which you can keep in the five stables next to the house.

Belper Hall itself is 3,326 sq ft on two floors, with four bedrooms upstairs (one ensuite). The ground floor has three reception rooms plus an L-shaped kitchen, breakfast room and family room, and another room next to the adjoining garage.


The 6.67ac property with stables

The property is close to the controversial M3 motorway, which you can join at Dunshaughlin seven kilometres away, so you’ll be on the outskirts of Dublin after about 20 minutes in the car.

It’s for sale for €785,000 with Sherry FitzGerald County Homes, Farms & Estates (01) 237 6300.

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Karl Lohnes: Space-saving ideas to help you reorganize your closets

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Double-duty devices help to save closet space and saves money on dry cleaning. CHI SteamShot 2-in1 Iron and Steamer, $95
Double-duty devices help to save closet space and saves money on dry cleaning. CHI SteamShot 2-in1 Iron and Steamer, $95

Corral loose items

Use storage bins for loose items like flip flops and specialty sportswear; and add over-the-door hanging shelves and hooks to keep knapsacks, purses and tote bags off the floor. Switch to a set of identical hangers to reduce visual clutter in this jam-packed area. I like to keep the ironing board, steamer and iron close at hand to make it easy to eliminate wrinkles (to look your very best while baking bread!). Also, opt for devices that do more than one job, such as irons that offer pro-steaming options and hangers with pant clips.

On display

Think of your wardrobe like a uniform. It can be based on work suits and dresses or the more casual at-home clothes most of us are wearing these days — I find keeping my “uniform” organized and displayed for easy access brings a sense of order to life at home during these challenging times. Options for storage and display include a wardrobe rack, coat tree, vintage armoire or something as simple as a row of decorative hooks in a hall or on an empty wall. Keep in mind that whatever clothing you leave out for display should be in good shape, and the style and finishes of racks or hooks should blend with the overall decor of the room (yes, even the hangers!).

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